The TSL Software was developed to allow anyone to have the same tools I have been using for over 20 years, in a software program that makes it easy to spot intraday Market Reversals.

I decided to have the TSL software coded in November of 2019, after showing 187 of my students how I traded stock options, in an invite-only web seminar.

187 people is pretty specific, right?

Well, I’ll never forget that number, because at the end of the demo I asked everyone if they wanted to enroll and learn how to trade stock options with the software and take my course. Well, 165 of them “yes!” - on the spot.

It was a huge eye opener for me - just how many people are out there dying to learn a dependable way to trade and don’t have access to reliable methods. We all know what’s out there in the trading world, and sadly, most of it is pure snake oil.

Every time I show people the Triple Sync Logic software and how the trades are qualified, using real-time charts, their suspicions are erased immediately because first, you can see the rules of engagement, then you see how the indicators plot on the chart.

You can’t make this up and it’s impossible to fake.

Imagine 1 month from now, you're adding $400 in profit EACH DAY to your trading account...
Then, 2 months from now, you're adding $800 of profit EACH DAY to your account...

Where will you be in just 3 months?

Who We Are & What We Teach:
At Wealth Builders Institute we teach everyday students the Triple Sync Logic Method of spotting High Probability "Market Reversals."

How We Do It:
The TSL Software & Course is structured to teach you a conservative way to begin your trading business (or greatly enhance your existing trading results).

What We Can NOT Do:
If you are looking for a "get rich quick" way to trade, please ignore this message... because "get rich quick" simply does not work.

What You Need:
You must learn a dependable, repeatable method that anyone can copy and achieve the same results.

When You Can Start:
We believe it's important to explain exactly how we teach the course and the realistic profit potential you can expect before you enroll. So, we encourage you to read this "Program Overview" to make an informed decision then reach out to us when you are ready.


The Triple Sync Logic Software (TSL) is all you need to spot high probability, low risk Market Reversal trades. Used in conjunction with our etched-in-stone rules, you too can achieve a Target Win Rate of 75% on your trades with some practice.


The TSL Software shows you the moving price average of the stock or ETF in slow, medium, and fast speeds, giving you the confidence of triple redundancy using three time frames.

That’s why we call it “Triple Sync Logic.” It’s this confidence that makes it easy for you to know EXACTLY when to enter or exit a trade.

When we say exactly, you will literally know the exact price of the stock you will enter a trade

“to the penny.”

We designed and programmed it to have clear, easy-to-read indicators complete with color-coded Turn Bar Dots. The Green Turn Bar Dots tell you that the price is likely to go up, while the Red Turn Bar Dots tell you that the price of the stock is likely to go down.

When you combine our TSL-1 and TSL-2 indicators across the three different time frames with one of our repeatable patterns, then confirm the trade with our proprietary Turn Bar Dots you have a dependable formula you can depend on.

The rules are easy to follow and the method is dependable, allowing you to consistently spot “Market Reversals.”

Plus, the TSL Software is an easy to use, turnkey approach that operates like clockwork.

You can wake up in the morning, pour yourself some coffee, sit down at your computer and begin another confident day of trading.



"Tools + Knowledge = Success"


Consider this training your playbook for successfully using the TSL software.

At the end of this 8-week course, you will have received the proper tools and knowledge to make in one day what most people make in a week. Of course, that will only happen if you follow the rules we teach and put them into practice.

In order to achieve success trading stock options, you need the proper tools or software to spot Market Reversal trades and….

You need the right information, rules and checklist to help you qualify the Market Reversals and ultimately enter the trade set ups - without this you are relying on hope and won’t have a high probability of taking profitable trades.

There are only 3 basic steps to follow using the TSL method, but there are other nuances with each step that you must learn, as well.

Inside the Triple Sync Logic Accelerator Training, we provide you with the tools and knowledge to become a world-class trader. When you purchase the TSL Software, you will also get access to Triple Sync Logic Accelerator Training.

This is a module-based training platform where you will be taught our rule-based approach to spotting low risk, high probability Market Reversal trades that are applicable for both stock options and stocks.


New Student Onboarding

  • How To Set Up Your Brokerage Account
  • How To Install Your Triple Sync Logic Software
  • How To Place & Exit An Order Using Using OptionStation Pro

The Principles for Trading Success

  • Stock Options 101: Learn The TSL Way Of Trading Options For Maximum Leverage
  • Why We AVOID Complicated Option Strategies That Simply Don’t Work For Most Traders
  • The Three Types Of Market Conditions (and Why TSL Works In All Of Them)
  • How To Control Your Emotions When Trading
  • The Importance Of The Stop Loss Bank (and How To Quickly Begin Trading With The House's Money).

We prepared this course for those that are new to trading, or need some refresher information.

The Triple Sync Logic Trading Method:

  • The 3 Basic Steps to Qualify a Triple Sync Logic Trade
  • How To Manage Your Trade Better Than 99% Of Most Traders
  • The Best 4 Ways to Exit a Winning Trade
  • Your “8 Weeks to $800/day” Trading Plan (and grow from there)

A Complete Breakdown of Each Proprietary TSL Indicator:

  • The TSL-1 Oscillator and why it is our main oscillator for spotting market reversals
  • The Turning Point Indicators that will help you quickly indicate levels of support and resistance
  • The Turn Bar Dots and how they indicate when there are more buyers/sellers in a particular time frame (used timing our entries)
  • The TSL-2 Oscillator - this shows us when a strong trend is on the horizon
  • Each time frame we use and why one of them is "The King of Charts"

The Triple Sync Logic Patterns:

  • The Triple Five Minute Support Resistance
  • The ‘h’ Pattern
  • The Slingshot Pattern
  • The Moving Average Bounce
  • The Strong Bounce
  • The Sweet Spot for Fibonacci Retracements


The Members Area is accessible 24/7 with your unique Username and Password - which is to never be shared. The Members Area video modules clearly explain each of our trade setups - rules to qualify, enter, manage and exit trades.

Modules also include money management, suggested strategies for exiting profitable trades and recommendations on how to plan the 8-week TSL Accelerator training for a Step-by-Step approach to learning this incredible business.

We take great pride in knowing that we have laid the foundation for anyone to use our Triple Sync Logic Software and method, leveling the playing field for everyone that wants to learn this unique approach.

That’s why by the end of this 8-week course, you will have everything you need to start earning $800/day trading stock options and grow from there.

DISCLAIMER: It is impossible to guarantee your success. We can’t study for you, just like we can’t reach through your computer screen and click your mouse for you to get into a trade - you have to learn how to follow our lead exactly the way we tell you in the course...doesn’t that make sense?



“Kaizen” means "continuous improvement" and that’s our #1 priority with this live weekly trading clinics.

If you’ve read Todd’s book, you know that he invested well over $50,000 to get this type of support, but you get it for 8 or 12 consecutive weeks FREE (depending on your package) when you enroll.


  • Live Weekly 1-Hour Group Trading Clinics: Interact with us and other traders every Friday and continue to sharpen your skills
  • Direct Access To Certified Coaches: Tap into our 20+ years of trading experience to serve as your trusty mentors
  • Trade Analysis & Review: Get live, instant feedback on any question regarding your trade set-ups, entries & exits
  • Fly-On-The-Wall Access: Listen in to other student’s questions and gain from their perspective

On these calls, since you are interacting with someone who has been trading for 20+ years, there's not a trading related question that we haven’t been asked - go ahead, try and stump us!

These weekly coaching sessions are YOUR time, that you typically don't get from other educators. In our biased opinion, this is worth the price of admission alone.

Our goal is to have this service continue to help you avoid costly mistakes and sharpen your skill set as you progress along your trading journey.

We've been doing this for a very long time. We have so much trading information stored in our heads that comes to the surface only when asked a question. Something that could help you immediately that we haven't thought about for years - plus, you get Unlimited EmailSupport…


Get Tier 2 Support (From Certified Coaches that are Experts with the TSL method) for as long as your Triple Sync Logic Software is licensed.

And, we’re available from 10am-6pm EST five days a week, Monday through Friday.

Send in any trading questions for us to review.



Open a new TradeStation account today and every time you trade, TradeStation will rebate 20% of what you pay in commissions – right up to the 100% of the cost of your Triple Sync Logic enrollment..

Better yet, if you are ex (or current) military or law enforcement, you get FREE commissions from TradeStation.

This might be nickels and dimes when you're starting out, but you're not always going to be trading small, safe amounts, which is a smart decision when you’re starting out. You can quickly advance to investing a lot more money with practice.

For example, if you start trading 50 contracts and you take four trades a day, all of a sudden you're saving $240 each day, FIVE days a week.

That's $1200 a week you're saving. So it doesn't take long for you to get your full WBI investment back!

“The More You Trade The More You Save”




We have a 60 day “better than money back” guarantee that is the most customer-centric in the industry.

Our goal is the result, and we believe in the outcome our system delivers.

Wealth Builders Institute guarantees the Triple Sync Logic software will perform as shown and described in the training course. This guarantee requires you to follow the rules of engagement you will learn in the on-line Members Area and our Live Trading Coaching Clinics.

The TSL Stock Options Course is intentionally taught over an 8 week period, so you don’t rush to trade a lot of money before you’re ready.

Here’s the outline:

Your First 30 days - practice by paper trading and using a demo account to learn how to enter and exit a trade. This is a very important period of time, because you are conditioning yourself to expect results and developing your discipline. Once your trades are at least 60% correct, you then begin…

Your Second 30 days - trading just one contract. You will continue with a win rate expectation of at least 60%, before adding more contracts. This protects you and ensures that you will not lose a lot of money. Actually, during this stage, if you take 3 losing trades in a row, you need to stop trading and contact us, because you are doing something wrong and need some help - there is no excuse to continue trading until we have gotten you back on track.

This conditional guarantee protects both of us and when followed, will prevent you from losing money.

In plain English, you must take at least 16 live, real money trades according to our rules of engagement. Then all you have to do is turn in your trading log for review, bring all of your notes and then we’ll invite you to a 1-on-1 private session so we can personally review all of your trades.

If at the end of this session, we see that you’ve submitted everything and taken every one of the 16 trades according to our rules and you haven’t achieved at least a 60% win rate, we'll refund all your money plus give you $1000 dollars.

That’s how confident we are in the TSL method.

  • You will get a virtual welcome from Todd.
  • You will get a welcome email with your NDA that must be signed.
  • Once signed we will immediately send your logins to our training and support portal.
  • You will get another email from our trading coach who will provide you with details for setting up your brokerage account and installing the TSL Software
  • Finally, you’ll get weekly emails inviting you to our Friday Kaizen Coaching Support calls

What happens after you pay?

What about taxes?

The basic layman's (non-qualified) answer is: Yes, you’ll pay taxes. Generally speaking, the more money you make from trading, the more taxes you’ll pay - because you only pay taxes on profits - at least in most places in the world we know.

Of course, every country has its own tax laws and regulations, so consult with your tax adviser first for specific advice based on where you live and your financial situation.

If paying taxes bothers you, then ask yourself this... would you rather not make money so you don't have to pay taxes? We wish we were paying millions of dollars in taxes, because guess what that would also mean? :-)

How much time is required?

I think we can all agree that everybody's different. For someone that has traded for a long time, you would think that they would pick this up quickly. The answer is, they do, typically, within a week. We hear from experienced traders that TSL is the missing link and they can finally "connect the dots" with their trading.

Now, if you've never traded before, we recommend giving yourself 8-12 weeks.
Our program is structured to be the most efficient method to get a majority of traders the results they are looking for, in a reasonable amount of time.

We recommend that you paper-trade for the first 4 weeks. Once you are consistently winning a minimum of 60% of your paper-trades, you then advance to trading real money, but only one contract for the next 4 weeks, still maintaining that minimum 60% win rate, so you become proficient with real money.

This self-conditioning process “trains your brain” to expect to make money 3 out of every 4 trades by following the rules. It’s very similar to muscle memory - the goal is to perform on auto-pilot without giving anything a second thought.

8 weeks is not a long time considering the reward. How many years do you go to school to learn how to do something in the professional field? This is a drop in the bucket. Plus, you could very well make more money than your family doctor or lawyer.

Why the Non-Disclosure and Participation Agreement?

The information is proprietary, and as such, we only want members to have access to this information. Separately, the participation agreement spells out exactly what is expected from you as well as what you can expect from us. We want to make sure we’re on the same page to best help you.

You will not be given any access to the course until the NDA/participation agreement is signed and validated (manually) by our team. If you choose not to sign the agreement, you will receive a full refund.

You will receive the agreements via email, typically within 24 hours of signing up. If you don't receive the document signing request within 24 hours of signing up call the office at: 702-997-5957, or send an email to: support@wealthbuildersinstitute.com

Can I share my membership with a spouse/business partner?

You can share with any immediate family member who lives in the same household.
You can also share the information with an official business partner - meaning you have a legal entity you have formed with that person.

All these specific details are fully described in the participation agreement and NDA.
Email: support@wealthbuildersinstitute.com if you need further clarification.

Is this a Fund and/or are you a financial advisor?

No to both. This is an educational digital course that provides information about trading stock options that includes either a monthly, annual or a “never-expiring” license to our proprietary Triple Sync Logic Software that runs on the TradeStation platform.

All information is given for educational purposes only and we always suggest doing your own research as well as consulting with a licensed financial advisor prior to making an investment.

How much money will I need to invest?

We recommend that you have at least $5,000 in your brokerage account. The reason is, this will enable you to make two or three trades during the day. Now, there is a way to circumvent the "Pattern Day Trading" rule, and that is to open a cash account. And a lot of people aren't even aware that this option exists. The "Pattern Day Trading" rule requires that you have at least $25,000 in your account, however, a cash account circumvents that rule.

The Triple Sync Logic Software (TSL) is all you need to spot high probability, low risk Market Reversal trades. Used in conjunction with our etched-in-stone rules, you too can achieve a Target Win Rate of 75% on your trades with some practice.

The Triple Sync Logic 
All-Inclusive Test Drive

What's Included:

✅ The TSL Software (90-Day License)

✅ The TSL Accelerator Training Platform

✅ Access To Our Weekly Trading Clinics

✅ Unlimited Email Support

✅ 100% Commission Rebate

✅ Better-Than-Money Back Guarantee 


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